Mark Chapman

My career as a sculptor took a 24 year detour in the gold mining industry and then domestic training, before I got to do what I love most. I was given a bag of clay by a potter friend to play around with. The rest they say is history.
My work is generally quirky and fun. I am not formally trained ,so I tend to get an idea and just see where it takes me. With figurative sculptures, I don't worry too much with proportions, as they can in themselves, create something interesting. I enjoy the idea that most of my work will leave the viewer with a smile on their face.
Working with clay is my favourite medium, but I have also started working with bronze and resin, to keep challenging myself.
Mark Chapman

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No Holds Barred - Ceramics

No Holds Barred - Ceramics

Lella Kondylis, Andrée Bonthuys , Hennie Meyer , Mark Chapman, Ann Marais, Lee Hensberg - Freakalee
Gallery Riebeek Kasteel
06 Dec 2020 - 31 Jan 2021


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