Michaela Rinaldi

After too many years of denying the expression of her gift, Michaela finally succumbed to her truth. The worldly need for security could no longer maintain her promise of realising her dream.

 In 2010 she quit her job within the confines of corporate sales and days later bought her first canvas.


 Her journey from that day has been a turbulent one.


 Extreme and determined in nature, Michaela risked everything.


 Realising her work was defiantly not commercially viable and that her market was small, Michaela avoided the temptation of large commissioned pieces that potentially could have settled months of debt. Instead she chose to stay true to her style and the work that flowed naturally.


 Yes she had found her purpose, but more than that, she was finding herself. Where truth means no compromise and worth is a place of relentless learning.

 When asked what word describes her most, Michaela replies without hesitation… determined. She never gives up on what she believes in… this is a testament to her early success, not only locally, but internationally.


Her work is always an expression of what she is feeling at the time.

Titles are a clue to the story she experiences, however Michaela does not want to give you a detailed essay of her life, her hope is that the pieces will speak for themselves.


That if you look further than the visual and connect with what feelings are evoked, the painting will take on a reflection of what the viewers experiences, perceptions and feelings are.


Known for her boldness of stroke and colour, she is a true colourist. Abstract - figurative can be used to describe her style.Brights often dominate. Elongated figures, alone and in groups, depict mood and suggestion. There are stories within stories, colour blocks, windows and doors. Figures running away and figures returning, standing tall and shrinking away…these are common themes running through Michaela’s work

Self-taught, she plays with a number of media. Gold leaf and charcoal capture the essence of the works while Acrylics are her paint of choice. There is no formula or planning to her work, every creation is a surprise.


There are days when a piece can take a matter of hours, and then days when the canvas is laden with layer upon layer of paint, the artwork can be revisited again and again over a matter of weeks …eventually a completed piece emerges.





Michaela Rinaldi